Employers Expand Benefits to Lure Talent

Express Employment Professionals
Daily News, July 11, 2018

Businesses are expanding benefits as the competition for workers intensifies, according to an Express Employment Professionals survey of business leaders released today.

Respondents were asked, “What benefits, not including healthcare, does your company offer employees?”

Responses included the following:

*Casual dress code: 16%
*Access to training/certification classes: 14%
*Flexible work schedule: 9.5%
*College tuition reimbursement: 8%
*Professional organization memberships: 8%
*Community service/volunteer opportunities: 7%
*Profit sharing/stock options: 7%
*Opportunities to work from home/remotely: 6%
*Cafeteria programs: 6%
*Company gym/membership discount at a local gym: 5.5%
*Generous/unlimited vacation time: 4%
*Opportunities to travel: 4%
*Child care: 0.5%

“It’s a job seeker’s economy, and that means employers have greater incentive to provide additional benefits, especially if they are already offering competitive wages,” Express CEO Bill Stoller said. “Flexibility seems to be the priority for today’s employees, and benefits that help provide that flexibility — from days off and remote work to child care or continued learning — are likely to be well-received.”

The survey of business leaders was fielded in April and included 739 participants.

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