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No placement is simple. To get it right it is important to understand your business, the hard skills required and the softer skills that are needed but not necessarily directly related to the job at hand, and to have the time to gather and use the resources needed.
Over the years, Galaxy Management has successfully completed searches for the most challenging positions for a host of companies from large financial services firms to boutique management consulting firms to lean early-stage technology startups providing expertise for technical and executive placement in:

Your Talent Partner

Galaxy Management Group’s recruiting process is designed to be detailed, streamlined, and focused in order to help businesses find exactly who they are looking for. There is a lot of direction in the Galaxy Management Group processes which help towards getting hired with one of their clients.
One of the most important steps in the hiring process is agreeing on a timeline. After you determine this, what should be done next? Agreeing on the step-by-step process allows companies and candidates to stay organized from start to finish. It also puts everyone at ease knowing exactly what they are expecting so that both parties will feel more confident throughout the hiring process.
Next comes the initial research, identifying and approaching the target candidates and referrals. This includes the utilization of our own candidate database (plus our affiliate recruiting network database with over 4 million candidate resumes), established referral sources, various online subscription services, and advanced internet research targeting relevant associations, trade shows, and industry-focused journals, and magazines.
Galaxy Management Group will provide a pre-employment screening process that identifies only those candidates with high traditionally valued job characteristics; we don’t want just anyone who will accept the position without enthusiasm or drive. With our thorough search process, we weed out false positives early on so your company knows they are committing resources on potential employees that are going to be motivated by your assignment from their very first phone call or meeting.
The selected final candidates are then presented to the client with a written summary, resume, and subsequent discussion. The client initiates the interview process.
Clients are provided with candidate feedback after each interview and supported throughout the hiring process as needed.
After an offer is extended, we work through the details of the acceptance, resignation, and transition of the new hire. After the candidate starts, We maintain the relationship with the candidate and provide feedback to the hiring manager as appropriate.

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“As a recruiter, public speaker, or a friend, Jim is one of those rare gems – expert knowledge of his core industry and humble. Jim was one of my star vendors at JP Morgan and has been a business partner for the past 10 years.”
Rod Colon, Former JP Morgan Chase

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