We Prepare a Personalized Submittal Note to Client On Your Behalf

Candidates often complain that their resume goes into a black hole when they submit their resume to a company website. Or they have sent an InMail to a manager on LinkedIn about an opening they had recently applied for. You don’t even get the courtesy of an InMail response. You wonder, did anybody read my resume?

If you’ve experienced either of those situations, you’ll understand why we prepare a personalize candidate submission along with your resume. We aim to sell the Hiring Authority that you are a very good fit for the position.

When we first discuss a job opening with a candidate, we ask them to review the company website and job requirements and send us back a paragraph detailing how they think their experience compares with the job requirements. It sets the stage for a more sustentative conversation about the opportunity as we compare their past performance to the requirements and objectives in the position.

In our submittal statement, we point out why we think the candidate is worthy of consideration. We give our impression of the candidate. We point out their strengths and weaknesses and their personal traits. We tell them why they impressed us. We even point out where the candidate falls short of the requirements. We want to whet their appetite to review to review your resume and set up a telephone interview or better yet, an in-person interview.

Our candidate submittal seeks to address:

· Our impression of the candidate

· Why we think they are a good cultural fit

· Relevant skills, experience, and education

· Reference comments

· Minimum salary considerations

· Availability for an interview

· Availability to start a new position

Example: Please review Mr. Jerry White for the Business Development Executive position with COMPANY. Jerry was highly recommended to us from one of our former placements who raved about his selling skills and warm personality. Jerry is currently selling successfully for COMPANY X, a European based company focused on digital transformation, Cloud Infrastructure, and custom architected solutions. COMPANY X is very much a newcomer in the United States, although it is a very well-regarded firm in Europe. They have been here in the US for the past 2 1/2 years.

Jerry has 10 years’ experience selling and marketing information technology solutions for a variety of financial industry firms - banking, brokerage, insurance, hedge funds, and private equity. He has sold in all the major financial centers in the US and Canada from his home office in NYC. He is a hunter by nature and has held both hunting and farming roles. His previous employment with COMPANY Y and COMPANY Z gave him a solid exposure and understanding of the financial industry and its challenges here in the US and around the world. COMPANY Y is a financial industry consulting firm. He was there from 2013-2018, which gave him a good understanding of consultative selling.

Inquisitive by nature, He enjoys doing his own research and sourcing. He often attends conventions and industry trade shows. He has an outstanding personality, very positive and engaging nature. He is bilingual (Spanish - English). He’s a competitive person and natural leader - former marine officer and long-distance runner.

He is looking for a minimum base of $150K with an opportunity to earn a commission. The ability to increase his earnings is attractive to him. Travel is a non-issue. We would have to increase his current base pay of $150K, but there is room for negotiation. Our expectation is that he would be able to target possible clients for COMPANY quickly. He is available later this week for an initial phone call and is available to start after submitting his two weeks’ notice.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Warm regards,


Candidate Submittal Note

Candidate Submittal Note

Spring is a Great Time to Update Your Skills

The dictionary says that Spring (when used as a verb) means to rise, leap, move, or act suddenly and swiftly, as by a sudden dart or thrust forward or outward, or being suddenly released from a coiled or constrained position: to spring into the air; a tiger about to spring.  As an adjective it says spring is a season pertaining to, characteristic of, or suitable for the season of spring: spring flowers. We also consider spring a season.  It’s a season of growth and renewal.  Just as bulb or root grows from a seed or germ, they eventually grow into plants, flowers, or trees.


Have you recently been laid off or do you sense a layoff coming?  Are you a passive job seeker frustrated with the slow pace of your search?  If you've been out of work for a while and finding it tough getting back into the work force or just beginning your search, spring is a great time to sharpen or update our professional skills. How long has it been since you’ve finished school, taken a course, or attended a training class? What books have you read?  What seminars or online classes have you attended?  Have you considered attending a class at a local Community College?  College graduates earn on average more money than workers who only have a high school diploma and graduates with a Master’s degree earn many more times than high school graduates. Candidates that have additional coursework and professional certifications more desirable than those that just say they are interested in learning and advanced skills training.


Earning more money is reason enough to sharpen your skills but there are many other benefits to continuing your education. It is well worth the investment.  Approach your education as a sound business investment. Make that investment and you will soon see a return throughout your career. After all, it's important to ensure that your knowledge and skills are up-to-date with the changes affecting your industry so employers will continue to view you as a core asset. By continuing your education, you can acquire new skills and specializations that will allow you to become a more versatile employee and increase your long-term value.


Demonstrate to your boss that you are committed to your career by asking for additional training, webinars, or seminars that you can attend.  By investing time and money in continuing your education, you will send a powerful message to employers that you are serious about improving your education and applying new skills to your job. Employers are more likely to hire and retain professionals who show the desire and commitment for lifelong learning, and many even provide tuition reimbursement as added encouragement.


If you are considering switching careers, one of the best ways to learn more about a potential field is through a degree program or by taking related courses. By continuing your education, it can help you better understand what the new career would entail and how to apply your current skill set in the new position. It is best to “test the waters” before jumping into a new career to make sure you are making the right decision.  You can even pursue an online program if you’re working full-time and you need flexibility. 


So, take time out this spring to sharpen your skills.  The benefits gained by continuing education will help you to improve your skill sets, achieve career advancements and add enrichment to your life.